Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Days

We are counting down.  10 days until we leave.  It takes us about a day to get to California and then pre op the next day and then the surgery on the 8th, Wednesday.  If you are praying specific prayers, her head surgeon is Dr. Hanley:) 

Emery is currently super excited and the guys are treating it like a vacation from all things girly and getting to have dad around for a couple weeks, so I guess I am the only one not expecting to have a complete blast;)  Emery just knows all of the things that she is currently not able/not allowed to do and can't wait to live life without restrictions so even though there is a bit of a rocky path to get there she has been looking forward to it since China, as have we. 

We will be in the CVICU for a few days then will be transfered to a regular room.  Leaving for home just depends on how Emery recovers.

And Emery has been with us 6 months, half a year, she is, according to her, Chinese- AMERICAN!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


January has been spent in the snow:)  Emery made a snowman and snow angels and loves to eat the snow, we have had to limit that since she will try to pick it up from any surface...the parking lot at, a random, freshly fallen in the yard, ok.  She is dying to play outside for a long time and being the protective mom I am(just over two weeks until surgery!!)  I limit it so she doesn't catch a cold.  She is so excited to get her heart fixed, since she is having a harder and harder time keeping up with her brothers and running and jumping which she loves to do.  Her surgery is scheduled for February 8th.  I will post before then, but would appreciate any and all prayers that could be sent heavenward for her.  I am excited to be done dealing with insurance, travel coordination, doctor coordination, monitoring her health, etc. even though, honestly Seattle Children's couldn't do much more to make all of this go more smoothly.