Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Days

We are counting down.  10 days until we leave.  It takes us about a day to get to California and then pre op the next day and then the surgery on the 8th, Wednesday.  If you are praying specific prayers, her head surgeon is Dr. Hanley:) 

Emery is currently super excited and the guys are treating it like a vacation from all things girly and getting to have dad around for a couple weeks, so I guess I am the only one not expecting to have a complete blast;)  Emery just knows all of the things that she is currently not able/not allowed to do and can't wait to live life without restrictions so even though there is a bit of a rocky path to get there she has been looking forward to it since China, as have we. 

We will be in the CVICU for a few days then will be transfered to a regular room.  Leaving for home just depends on how Emery recovers.

And Emery has been with us 6 months, half a year, she is, according to her, Chinese- AMERICAN!

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  1. Praying for Emery and your family. May the Lord guide the surgeon's hand and the recovery be quick.