Thursday, August 25, 2011

Catch up

We just got back last night from Seattle.  It went really well.  We stayed overnight in the hospital to get Emery's oxygen levels back up.  The surgeons meet on Monday and should be able to give us a plan by Wednesday so that will be great.  Emery did really well and was very patient while we waited in the hospital all day due to backed up prior procedures.  She came out of anesthesia well, except for when she had her first popsicle and it broke at the end and mom couldn't put it back together.  That was very sad, but Tangled to the rescue and all was right with the world.  They found what they needed to know in the cath so that is good.  There are essentially five vessels getting semi oxygenated blood out of her heart.  So the surgeons will decide whether those can be used or whether there will be a shunt or how they will proceed.  The surgeon said that we could opt to do nothing and since she was doing so well she could live to 20.  Nope, I said that wasn't going to be enough for us:)  The nice thing is they go over all options and risks and pros and cons to determine the best ways to deal with things and I appreciate that.  We have nothing but great things to say about Seattle Children's.

We had an interpreter meet us to go over things with Emery, the upside was that she was not scared to go in to the surgery room, she knew that she would just have a sleep and then wake up and stay still.  The down side was that for attachment, an interpreter was not so great, so we won't be doing that again.  I was so grateful though that she was not scared.  We had fantastic nurses and the anesthesiologist was seriously the very best.  Emery was in very good hands.  Thank you for your prayers, the trip went very smoothly, even the hiccups were taken care of by very nice people(there was a booking error with our plane tickets and they were reversed, departing from Seattle instead of going to Seattle)  It is wonderful to be back home and sleep in our own beds.  It is fabulous to be with family.

Thank you for caring for us.  I am grateful for the family I was born into and the friends that have become family.  I am so very, very blessed.


  1. It did my heart good to see this today. I am praising the Lord that all went well with the cath & you will be hearing shortly on the "game plan". Love seeing her sweet smiling face! I know you guys are enjoying every bit of happiness she has brought to your family. God bless you guys!
    Jo Gooden

  2. Came over from Teresa's blog. Our DD had heart surgery 8 days after we got home, so yes it is a blessing your DD can maybe wait.

    I hope you do hear of the plan soon. I know the waiting is very hard too. I have 4 sons too and we homeschool!

    I have an agency buddy who lives in the Pacific NW. She goes to the hospital in Seattle. If you haven't connected with her, her blog is

    Shannon is also the blessed Mommy of a child with complex CHD from China.

    So glad to come over and see your DD HOME with her family!