Monday, August 1, 2011

One week ago

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One week ago we were walking into a glass walled room to meet our daughter for the first time. It was truly a dream meeting, something out of the best fairy tales. She said Ni Hao Mama, Ni Hao Baba instantly, did not stop smiling for almost two entire days and gave us hugs and kisses. it was truly unreal and an incredible gift. those who have adopted before will know that we were expecting and even happy when that started to wear off and she was able to grieve. one week ago Emery, and our, lives changed forever. one week ago she went from being an orphan to a member of a family who loves her. one week ago today she trusted us enough to walk out of that building hand in hand with me, smiling as she looked forward to a new life that she had been told about.

One week ago today I was a bit nervous for her reaction and hoping that we would be able to help he grieve and to know what to say and do. a lot has happened in one week. we are now her legal parents. her medical exam was completed today, all three of our agency's children were negative for tb and we breathed a sigh of relief to have that last little hurdle over. Emery is still liking us in our room, but she is not attached to us yet, it will be a long process. She let's us see more personality than the almost silent girl of a week ago who looked for us and smiled constantly. She talks to us and let's us know what she wants. she smiles and claps and poses at mirrors, she plays hand clapping games with us and shrieks with laughter in water, her first bubble bath was a hoot! She is very particular about the way she likes certain things and we found that the trick to getting her to nap is putting her in pajamas, she only wants to wear the ones she wore the first night. she walks with one hand on her hip, likes wearing a purse across her chest, and loves cantaloupe. she LOVES over easy eggs, the runnier the better.
One week ago we didn't know what to expect, and while we still don't completely we are getting to know our daughter an a hundred different ways a day.
One week ago, I loved my daughter through pictures and video, without really knowing who she truly was, now I love her even more for more than just her cute smile(and it really is the cutesy thing!)
I am still missing my sons like crazy, thanks Kick, it meant the world. Thanks Catherine and Hannah! A,B,C,D I love you lots.

This has been such an interesting journey. It is amazing because we are hitting each of the steps we have read about in our adjustment and it is almost funny when we move to the next one because we expected it, if that makes sense? I am still feeling carried and led, and the end of our trip is flying by quickly for us.

As for Emery's heart, her coloring is GREAT! She doesn't really get short of breath or winded but she will ask to be carried if we have walked a ways. she runs and plays and has a good time and only a couple of times has seemed a little purplish tinged, so we are very encouraged and will see the cardiologist on Thursday.

So from across the world, as Emery says it, Ni Hao and HELLLLLOOOO!


  1. Oh Bridget . . I am so very happy for all of you! Emery sounds like she is doing well and I will continue to pray for hope for her fragile heart!

  2. Dear Bridget,

    I am so happy all is going well with you all. Thank God her color is good too :)

    God Bless,

    Lee Ann