Friday, November 4, 2011

Three Months

Three months ago today, we came home.  Tired from a long flight with little(Emery) to no(me) sleep.  A doctor's visit that confirmed her diagnosis and another quick flight, with me mostly passed out while Emery colored happened pretty quickly and then we were home.

Emery was so excited to see her baba pick us up, it had been at least 7 hours since we split up not knowing for sure what the doctors visit would bring.  She was so excited to meet her geges.  She walked(almost strutted to be honest) into the house with a huge smile on her face and hasn't looked back much since then.  I was so excited to see my boys.  I had missed them so extremely much in China and was so thrilled to see them, but could barely drag them away from their new sister for quick hugs:) 

Three months ago, Emery barely spoke English.  Now she speaks sentences and can make herself understood without pointing and grunting.  Three months ago she shut down completely if told no or not given what she wanted.  Now she tries to negotiate, Maybe later?  We'll see?  She knows that it's ok to be told no; it doesn't mean we love her less.  Her brothers get told no too.

Three months ago, everyone was walking on eggshells and on their best behavior.  The boys gave her anything she looked like she was interested in(except for the youngest brother:)) Now they are OK with not letting her have things that are special to them and she knows she doesn't have to share her dolls.  Three months ago we were staying up all night watching Strawberry Shortcake(so very girly I really was not prepared for this!!)  and trying to stave off nighttime crying.  I was sleeping on the floor in her room since she kicks.  Now we can all sleep in our own beds without waking up crying in the night.  I wake up to check on her, but not because she is silently grieving in her bed.  She knows she can call for mama or baba. 

Three months ago Emery had short hair that could barely be put in little pony's on top of her head.  Now it is shoulder length and she is thrilled that it is going to be long hair and she can 'let your power shine'.  Her favorite movie is Tangled.

In the past three months, Emery has flown to Seattle twice for doctors visits, passed the dentist with flying colors, and had lab work done twice.  We have had one major health scare and a few smaller ones.  I have gotten a couple of white hairs that I have pulled out promptly and told my husband that he will enjoy the way higher salon bills if I have to start dying my hair:) 

We have had a bonfire on the beach, jumped on the trampoline, hiked to a lake(it is much harder carrying a little girl that just hiking!), gone out on a boat whale watching, gone trick or treating, watched movies, eaten ice cream, bought dolls, baked cookies, gone to a musical, and had so much fun.  It is amazing to think it has only been 3 months, but what a great three months.  We have made big changes in our family and have really been blessed to be able to move forward in attachment and in relationship building. 

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