Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're Back

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf.  Emery had a scary week last week.  She has been having a harder time catching her breath after exertion with longer blueish heavy breathing spells, but both my pediatrician and cardiologist assure me this is normal for her.  Then she woke up and her lips were white, her fingertops were white, she was obviously in a lot of pain and said her heart hurt and was completely limp except for the pain on her face.  It lasted for an hour and by the time I got her to a doctor and hooked up for an EKG she was getting over it.  There was a lot of discussion with our cardiologist and pediatrician and we ended up flying to Seattle the next day since she was still pale and not back to a hundred percent.  Well, she was THRILLED to go on the airplane, loved visiting the doctor and all of her tests were better than they ever had been, not to mention that she charmed everyone she met and had more energy than I have seen in a month.  We stayed overnight in the hospital, went to the Ronald McDonald House(love them!) next to the hospital with a Holter monitor, basically a portable EKG, and spent the weekend in Seattle.  She did great.  If I hadn't seen the scary white episode myself I never would have believed it was the same little girl!
She was off the monitor for a day so we went to the zoo.  She LOVED the monkeys:)  She got to learn animals by seeing them in person and it was so precious. 

We went from being monitored in the ER to being on a plane in about two hours.  I am so very blessed to have wonderful friends who prayed and took care of my family.  One of my friends took my children, my husband was at work, then came into the ER and worked some kind of magic with the insurance, along with feeding my guys for me for a few days.  Another friend heard what was going on and jumped on the plane with us for the duration. It was so nice to have her there and not be alone!  Another fabulous friend started her prayer chain going when she called me to tell me about receiving her own LOA, which Emery and I are SOOOO excited for.

We have had quite the week and will be heading back to Seattle in a week for another, more specialized, heart cath to get more information to determine the surgery.  There is a bit of uncertainty over whether the data requested is possible to get since they couldn't get it the first cath, but a special wire is being ordered and we will be praying that they can get a measurement on the collateral vessels pressure, the veins going directly from her heart to her pulmonary artery.  Then hopefull we will be moving forward with surgery dates!

Thank you for your prayers.  No one knows for sure what this episode was and is hoping it was an anomaly.  I am concerned that she rides on adrenaline.  She is such a sweetheart regularly, but she does have her normal kid moments.  But in new circumstances she is charming and sharing and kind 24/7 and I hope that it wasn't that she was finally comfortable with us for her little body to relax and then her heart struggled.  Who knows?  She is doing great now, her oxygen levels are normal for her and she is playing with her brothers not slumped over the couch or limp in my arms so I am thrilled.

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