Sunday, October 16, 2011


Emery and I just finished making dinner together, for some reason she has WAY cuter aprons than I do:)  We had chili and cornbread and watched Beauty and the Beast together, and we got to sing along with all the songs, oddly I know every word and she tries valiantly.  It is amazing what a little quiet girl time can do.  I think we are really moving forward in our attachment and maybe, just maybe, she is starting to accept me as something more than a changing caregiver, at least that is what I am hoping.

It is funny that she doesn't have a problem with hugs or kisses or tickling or whatever, but snuggling on the couch to watch a movie, no.  Sitting on a lap for a while, nada. Prolonged physical contact, nope. So when we watched tv together I gave her a choice of having my arm around her or holding my hand or no movie.  We held hands.  It was precious to me.

Hopefully we will be hearing about her surgery schedule in the next couple of weeks, we so appreciate all the prayers that have upheld her health.  She passed her dentist appointment with flying colors.  She liked it so much that the tooth doctor is now included in her evening prayers.

Seasons in life are so interesting.  I am really loving the season of spending time with my kiddos and watching them grow.  Watching a five year old learn and explore her new world is pretty amazing.  I am very, very blessed and grateful for the moments.

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