Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not an Orphan

For an update, everything is going well.    Emery is doing well and learning English more and more.  She loves schooling and taking a break from extra things is making a big difference.  We aren't really seeing any issues relating to adoption, just normal five year old girl seeing where limits is really fun to have her in our family.

This week a couple of times Emery has shut down because she didn't get her way.  It is a lot better than it used to be, but typically she shuts down if she gets told no or doesn't get her way.  She has come a really long way and doing so much better with this.  This week it happened again and I was surprised since it had been a while.  She pulls herself out of it quickly and is back to being a happy girl.  But this week I was thinking, 'you are not an orphan' and then I thought, do I treat God this way.  If I don't need Him for something or get a no for an answer do I ever retreat or shut down or try to do it all on my own when having help would make it better.  Do I act like an orphan when I am a child of God?  Do I act like I don't belong or like I am being punished simply when the answer isn't exactly what I want, even when God has a better idea of what I need for the long term goal of me being a great person?  It really hit I living like a child who is adored and watched over and taken care of, or do I live like an orphan?

I would hope that I am living like a child of God, not an orphan.  And I should try to make sure that I am always living like I know what that privilege is and that I am not ever an orphan, but am always a cherished daughter of God.

Not an Orphan!

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