Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day! I think it is more of a day to celebrate the women in our lives who touch us and encourage us on our journey to become greater than we could be.  The women who help us when we are in need, encourage us when we are discouraged, build us up when we feel low and love us when we deserve(and don't deserve) it.

I am grateful for the mother's in my life, especially my mom and my husband's mom.  It's not easy to be a mother and I am grateful for them.

I am grateful to be a mother.  I am so blessed to have four wonderful sons.  They are truly gifts to me.  They are fantastic young men and I love being their mom.

People have said that this Mother's Day must be bittersweet for me, since Min is not home.  It is not bittersweet.  I feel nothing but happiness.  I am grateful to be married to a man I love, who I enjoy spending time with.  This year we will be married for 12 years.  It has been so great.  I am grateful to be a mother.  And I am grateful to be in the process to adopt Min.  I am grateful for the feelings that I already have for her.  No, I am not sad that she is not here for this Mother's Day.  But I am grateful that she will be next year:)

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