Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Sunday in May

I think it is finally truly spring here in south Alaska.  No more snow.  No more sleet or hail.  Probably still some rain, but plants are budding and flowers are blooming.  The geese are migrating back north by the hundreds.  The bald eagles have been back for a couple of weeks. We went to the beach twice this week.  There are several beaches within a few miles of our house...not white sandy beaches but Alaskan style.  It is really nice to feel the harbingers of summertime.  I love to see the new life that it feels like the earth has in the spring.  I guess I feel that a part of me is renewed as well.  Like it is a great fresh chance to do things better and to feel that rebirth that I feel often in my life.  It is a part of my faith that I can change, do better, white-out my mistakes or weaknesses and strengthen them.  It is a truly glorious feeling that I am grateful for.  So as I watch spring unfold, I feel it in me too.  The different seasons bring different things, and I feel like our family is at the brink of a different season of our lives and I am thrilled to feel upheld and strengthened through the journey.

We are Logged IN:)  Our dossier is received and logged in in China and will hopefully be expedited although we really don't know what time frame that will look like.  It should take about one month to complete the process after we receive the letter of approval from them so we are looking forward to travel.  It will be a new season for Min as well, and I pray that she is carried and upheld as her life changes drastically, and that she is given peace and a hope fore a future:)

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