Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where We Are At

It's the middle of the of Monday, our dossier was not logged in yet.  It should be logged in this week, hopefully sooner than later, and China is expected to expedite for Min's health.  So we don't know what the expedite will look like or what the time frame will be but I might admit to doing a preliminary packing of Min's suitcase to bring with us:)  I am sure it will be packed, repacked, and gone through again, but it made me feel a little more prepared to be on our way, even though realistically we are at least a month out from travel after we have official approval of our documents from China.  And that is an expedited time frame, so we will have to see.  It is kind of nice to have our schedule cleared for the summer.  My boys are being really kind.  They understand that we don't want to be committed to a sport season if we are traveling or at the hospital and they just smile and say 'next year.'  They are fantastic brothers and can't wait to get their little sister, although they may have a skewed view of girls.  They think she will like princesses and pink and 'girly' things like mushy Disney movies and lots of dolls.  We shall is obvious that we have a largely male household.  Yesterday, at dinner one of my sons was saying that we almost have enough for a soccer team and that Min could be the cheerleader...ummm, not sure where that came from, the boys play on coed teams and usually the top players are actually female so we talked about that a little bit.  We have started to talk about the importance of treated Min carefully after her surgery since she will have a recovery period and won't be able to jump on the trampoline immediately or join in to a full fledged Nerf battle.  Which brought up the point that we need to get Min her own Nerf gun and squirt gun although there are plenty of offers to share.  We are fortunate enough to have a video with Min.  I'm not really worried about her holding her own.  We can't wait to meet her.  Thank you for your prayers,  we feel them and know they are heard.

On a side note, the Thirty-One catalog party ends tomorrow, the link is on the side of this blog if you are looking for any fantastic bags or organizers:)  Thanks Anne!

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