Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday...suffice it to say I am over thirty:)  It was a nice day and I appreciate all of my friends and family who sent birthday wishes my way...I am looking forward to an awesome year! 

I was REALLY hoping to be DTC by my birthday and I'm not but it is going to be close.  I am back in stalking the mailman mode.  One more document to get out to send for authentication and we are done.  We got our docs back from our fantastic DC courier so our dossier is about done so it will be in China's hands.

We keep getting asked how long now...the short answer is????  We have no idea.  It will depend on if China expedites.  We hope they will but we just don't know.  It is our hope and prayer that they do.  Right now the average wait from where we are at is 4-6 months...we are really hoping that it is much less but we will have to see.  Please pray for us:)

We can't wait to have this major paper chase over with.

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