Monday, April 4, 2011

Anna's Forever Families Grant!

On the side of this blog is a link to Anna's Forever Families Grant.  They are a non-profit organization that raises money to give to  families that are adopting children with special needs who could use some financial assistance to bring their child home and they also help offset medical costs for those who are likely to have high medical bills upon arrival home.  The story behind the grant is inspiring and they take their task to decide who to award grants to very seriously. 

We applied to receive a grant from this fund to help bring Min home.  We received our homestudy, which you have to have to apply, right before the cut off date to be considered so we were not sure if they would consider us.  But they did:)  We got news last night that they are giving $1000 to help with Min's adoption and they offered us $3000 toward medical expenses when we return home.  Wow!  We are so grateful for the grant...and this goes along way towards our insurance deductible which is truly a blessing not to have to deal with those expenses, which we are planning on, right when we get home.  What a load off our shoulders!   A HUGE THANK YOU TO ANNA'S FOREVER FAMILIES!!!

And guess what?  We talked to our agency coordinator yesterday and she said we should be DTC on Friday...this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited:)  Hopefully we'll find out soon if China will expedite the adoption process. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf, please keep them coming that China will expedite Min's adoption.

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