Thursday, April 7, 2011


Still no certified I800A from Juneau.  Arrggg!  I finally did get a hold of someone and they said it was mailed...granted it took them a week to turn it around instead of the one day it should have, but it is on the way.  What that means is we won't be DTC this week:(  We will be next week though.  So I am going to trust that that will work out for our good.  Maybe it will end up on a more receptive person's desk?  I can hope.

I posted last month about a fundraiser offer that I had.  An adoptive mom wants to help other families by using her Thirty-one business to donate the proceeds to the adopting families.  These bags are SUPER CUTE and have great organizing features.  There is something for every one.  There are also GREAT hostess gifts.  So if you would like some catalogs for your own work party or to order, let me or her know.  The link on the side of the blog is good through the last week of April and all the proceeds go toward the adoption fees that are remaining.


  1. Hi Bridget, my name is Carolyn Hall Jensen and I'm a photojournalist with Channel 2 in Anchorage (KTUU.) Could you please email me? We have a couple of questions about your adoption process and what it is like for you and your family. It must be very lengthy & challenging, but full of love. I hope to hear from you: Thank you!

  2. We got I800A approval this week. It will be tight, but I'm going to do what I can to have it certified, authenticated, and sent to XQ by next Friday morning. Here's to DTC 4/15! We're praying for you and Min!