Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Faith Post:)

Our documents are all sent to our agency!!!  We didn't get our I800A state certified in time to be DTC(dossier to China) last week...not sure why the turn around time was so long, but we should be DTC this week which is FANTASTIC.  I am feeling very happy now that all of the paperwork is out of my hands and passed on to our wonderful agency coordinator and I don't have to keep track of it anymore:)

Twelve years ago today my fabulous husband asked me to marry him...I said yes, obviously.  We have been very blessed as a family and it has been a pretty great last twelve years.  There have been ups and downs and smooth times and bumpy ones.  We have been blessed with plenty and lack.  We have been blessed with health and sickness.  We have been blessed with immediate answers to our prayers and trials of our faith.  Most importantly we have been blessed.  I love to think of the tender mercies of the Lord.  The little things that happen in our life that let us know that God is mindful of us.  Once you start noticing these tender mercies you will be aware of more and more and realize that life is full of those moments where you are blessed.  I am extremely grateful for the tender mercies in my life.  I am grateful to have a wonderful husband who I love.  I am grateful for my healthy, fun children and that I get to stay home with them.  I am grateful for the gospel and for my testimony of Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for wonderful friends who impact our family in wonderful ways.

Some of the tender mercies that I have seen these past few months have been people who more than just do their job.  Our homestudy writer is a tender mercy to us.  She went above and beyond and wrote our homestudy quickly(in less than two weeks)  I don't know how long the process would have taken without her speedy work.  A wonderful pediatric cardiologist, who is on the opposite side of the country and most likely will never meet Min, has reviewed Min's medical file, consulted with us, and written a wonderful letter that has helped us get steps expedited.  For free.  Our amazing Immigrations officer who took this letter and got supervisor approval to expedite our I800A application, plus she arranged for us to be able to walk in for early fingerprinting.  A HUGE tender mercy was the amount of people that participated in our 10-10-10 fundraiser.  It made a world of difference in getting things expedited.

One of the biggest blessings in our adoption has been a woman named Ann.  She adopted her own little girl with a heart problem, her blog is linked at the side.  This woman has been a blessing to me in so many, many ways.  She advocated for Min, and introduced Min to us. She has given us pictures and even video.  She has gotten us updates.  She has helped us with Immigrations and doctor referrals.  She has been such a gift to us, when she has so much else to care and think about.

I know that God is mindful of us.  I know He hears our prayers.   I can't wait to see the rest of this journey unfold and am grateful for the many tender mercies I know we will experience along the way.

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