Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No news is .....

Well, no news is no news.  And admittedly it has been a very short time since our dossier was sent(last Friday) so I am not truly expecting news at this point.  It would be nice to know though.  Adoption is a leap into the unknown in so many ways.  It is kind of nice to be keeping our summer free from plans though, just in case.  It has been nice to know that our schedule is free and we are able to go to China whenever we can.  So now we wait.  Without updates or ways to check on the progress or any kind of definitive time frame or estimate.  We just wait.  Hmmm....maybe patience is a virtue I am supposed to have strengthened since it really isn't a strong suit with me.  So I wait, and hope, and pray, and pray some more, and practice my Mandarin phrases and think about packing the suitcase with the things we want to take for Min, and enjoy holding my boys close and doing fun things with them and reading stories and coloring and cherishing this peaceful lull in activity and adoption rushing.

And we wait...hopefully not for too long.

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  1. Patience is hard at these times I can feel for you. Google translate is very helpful to communicate in Mandarin. It's a complicated language, but you will be amazed at how fast she will begin to understand you and the unspoken language we all have to rely on is truly valuable as your daughter looks to you to love and care for her. Even and especially if the initial transition is trying - it's a huge change for all. But so worth the end results. All the best to your whole family