Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am so thrilled to be writing this. Emery isn't out of surgery yet, and the next 72 hours are critical for recovery, but the surgery is complete. I just met with the rock star surgeon who performed a complete repair of Emery's pulmonary system and heart. He said that her lifetime prognosis depends on her pulmonary pressure being low right now, and it could not be any better. Her sats are the same as a healthy heart person. He was hoping to use three collateral vessels to help reroute the blood and tie into the pulmonary artery and was able to use 5. So the surgery went even better than expected, and was faster than anticipated as well.

I am so grateful for the prayers that have been offered to preserve Emery's health and especially for the surgery today. I can't wait to see her in about half hour even though she will probably be sedated for a day or so. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and for a God who hears us cry unto Him.


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  1. What wonderful news. We continue to pray for Emery's fast and complete recovery!