Monday, February 13, 2012

Day5 Post-op

This is Emery's cool medicine mask for her respiratory treatment. She wears it for 5 minutes a couple times a day . She had her last two chest tubes out this morning, is on regular oxygen so no more high flow off the bipap machine, has dropped to respiratory treatment every 6 hours, quaking Tylenol as needed, and probably getting her arterial line taken out today as well, there is a lot of talk about moving us out of CVICU in he next day or so. She ate solid food this morning,oatmeal and toast never tasted so great! emery and I usually make cookies together every Sunday while the guys go to church, we were hoping to have our cookie day yesterday, but when she brought it up this morning the doctor said today would be great and she should definitely get two because she was so good when her chest tubes were pulled and stitched up. She's definitely on the mend!!!! YAY!!! So many answered prayers. As for me, I got 7 straight hours of sleep last night and a shower this morning, such a great day already:)

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