Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doing Good

We moved out of ICU to the regular wards which is good and bad. Emery's care in the ICU was for the most part, not just good, it was phenomenal. we mostly had fantastic nurse and doctors and therapists and the few that weren't were good,plus the nurses were in room so she was always getting great care, and it was quiet so she could sleep through the night.

Now the doctors goal is not to get Emery stable, but to get her home! As soon as she is stable off oxygen we can go home, right now she is still on oxygen, there is one more level that is less before she is off, which is great. she walked down the hallway to preschool and back this morning and is exhausted. we will go for another, longer walk this afternoon.

So grateful for a great repair one week ago, feeling very blessed!


  1. Look at that smile! What a brave girl.

  2. Amazing how fast they recover. Go Emery!!!!
    The Meekers