Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Interestingly we have had a crazy week and a half.  My husband who is an active healthy sort of a guy got sick all of a sudden and within 24 hours was diagnosed with a nasty strain of bronchitis only steps away from respiratory failure.   Everything is fine and he is doing remarkably better, but he has been on some heavy medication and now a week later is not at full strength.  It was a crazy weird bug that he somehow got.  It came on suddenly and without warning and truly needed immediate medical care.  We spent a lot of time last week at either a doctor's office, the hospital or pharmacy...for bronchitis.  And I couldn't help but be grateful #1 for insurance that will pay the large share of the bills that we will have and then more basically for the availability of medical care.  I am so much more aware of the fact that we have available care wherein other parts of the world, there is none or it is very limited in its scope or in who it is available to.  Would Min have gotten medical care if she had somehow gotten this bug?  Would her lungs have been strong enough to recover?  Will I ever again look at every day occurrences without my perspective being colored by the fact that elsewhere people do not have life as easy as I do?  Not that I have not cared, but now that there is a face and a name to the need I am more impacted by the plenty that I enjoy.  For the medical care that is available to  my family.  For the warm home and the fact that we never have to go hungry or without clothing. 

We are hoping to have our paperwork to the Immigrations department next week.  The current wait time is 8 weeks.  We are praying for this step to be expedited.  I am feeling like Min will be home with us soon, possibly in the next few months and we are all so excited about that!

There are 4 days left of our necklace fund raiser.  Melissa, who designed, made, and is donating the profits of each necklace to Min's adoption, can be reached via her shop on etsy or facebook to order larger quantities or extra Valentine's gifts:) 

There are a couple of quotes that I am really liking today and thought I would share.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Love is the only thing that we have more of when we share.

"People who say it can not be done should not interrupt the people who are doing it."  --George Bernard Shaw

It has been so interesting to be so open about our adoption plans.  We had not originally planned to tell anyone about it until we were traveling, partly because I am one of those pregnant people who waits until I can no longer fit into any clothes to tell anyone we are expecting so I don't have to be asked if I am still pregnant for the next eight months:)  We partly didn't plan to share our plans because we had gotten a few negative responses and we didn't want to deal with it.  But the opposite has proven true.  We have been overwhelmed by support and love and interest in where we are at in the process.  We have been humbled by people's generosity in helping us to bring our daughter home sooner than we had thought would be at all possible.  And I love being able to give updates on our progress to Min, even though they may seem like minuscule infant scoots forward I truly think that we are paving a way for this process to go very quickly and I can't wait to update this blog with pictures and stories about Min as a very real part of our family.

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