Friday, February 25, 2011

An Incredible Gift

Thank you to those who have asked how it's is going but I am struggling to keep it calm when things are done and ready to go but for some reason are not mailed to me yet so I can't move forward with the next step. It is frustrating to say the least.  And I do understand that it is just someones job.  But on the other hand I feel like, if every month makes a difference between a successful surgery or possibly too much damage....which according to the cardiologist it does....then what if the hold up to send the paperwork I need is what ends up making that difference??!!!!!!  It is mind boggling to me how some people, our Chinese agency and homestudy writer, have worked extremely hard to expedite their ends of things and yet other people don't.

So, enough of my little rant.

We found Min through the advocating of a wonderful adoptive mom.  She adopted her daughter Teresa, link on the side of this blog, last summer, and Teresa is struggling health wise and there is nothing that can be medically done for her at this point.  She REALLY needs a miracle.  This weekend is a weekend of fasting and prayer for Teresa's heart.  Will you please join us?  This wonderful mother is so extremely kind.  Besides the fact that she has plenty on her plate with her own family.  She has checked in with the orphanage that Min and Teresa were at together and gotten a promise of pictures to forward to me since I can't contact them.  Yesterday I got a video of their adoption. Min is in the video.  A lot!

I got to watch twenty minutes at least half of which had my daughter in it.  What a priceless gift and treasure.  I'll be honest, I'm a bit of an adoption blog junky.  I love the travel stories and the pictures and videos of a child being united with their forever families.  It was so great to see this wonderful video and that they were able to go to the orphanage and see some of the other children.  Min is NOT  shy:)  She was the first to greet them.  She listened to everything this mom said and repeated it.  The mom was telling Teresa about how many sisters she will have.  And there was Min holding up her 5 fingers and repeating after this Mom.  She so obviously wanted to be getting adopted.  It was such a different perspective watching through the eyes of the child not being taken home.  And this family was so gracious to Min.  They never just brushed her off in the focus of their daughter.  They never appeared at all annoyed with her for butting in or sneaking Teresa's toys that they brought for her.  Which let me tell you, Min snuck that doll every time Teresa walked off.  The nannies had to tell her to give it back or to leave them alone.  I can't understand Chinese but I could figure it out based on the tone:)  And she obeyed every time.  Until Teresa left the doll and Min could get it again. It is almost funny to me that she loves dolls because I'm not a doll playing type of a girl.  But when I got married I asked my husband to give me a doll each Christmas because I though it would be a cool thing to pass down to a daughter.  So I have a porcelain doll collection waiting for her when she is older:)  And will obviously need to get on the search for a great doll or two..or three.  We have quite a few Buzz Lightyears but she liked playing with the hair.

And I thought how horrible it must be to see your friend get adopted and long for a family and then they are all gone and you are not.  My heart broke a little bit watching that video, even while I was thinking I am so glad Min is not a pushover because she is getting four big brothers and I think she'll be able to hold her own.  She is a bit of a camera hog as well.....I can relate to loving the spotlight, good thing there is a great community theater here and a wonderful dance studio.  If she wishes to perform, this is the place where she will shine.  It was an amazing gift that we will always treasure, from a woman who already led us to Min and who has so much else going on in her life right now.  And I am so very grateful to this friend I have never met.


  1. Contact your senator and representative's offices and see if they can help expedite your immigration work. Many are very helpful with this! good luck!

  2. Hi, I found your blog thru a yahoo group! Just wanted to introduce myself since we also have 4 boys and adopted our little Sarah Mei from China over two years ago.
    And, oddly enough, I lived in Alaska when I was a teenager for three years (went to North Pole High School-- not too far from Fairbanks.)
    Small world, huh! :)
    Best wishes on your journey to bring home your little girl!

  3. Hi, We are with the same agency and very close in timeline! I just happened upon your blog and saw that you are homeschooling with four boys. Me Too (well homeschooling 2 preschooling 2)! I'll be sure to keep up with you and hope that all this paperwork passes quickly and travel comes soon!