Friday, March 4, 2011

This Weekend!!!

So, the GREAT news is that the official, notarized home study was mailed to me from Anchorage on I should receive it today...not that I didn't stalk the mailman, FedEx guy, and UPS driver yesterday, just in case.  I have the form to Immigrations signed, supporting documents assembled and check written.  It is all ready to go the minute the home study arrives.  Which means it will be sent this week...FINALLY!!!!  The next steps are Immigrations approval, and documents notarized, state sealed and consulate sealed.  Then it all goes to China goes back and forth between our government and China's government a couple of times and VOILA...we will get to bring Min home.  OK that's a bit simplified, but it's the general drift:)

And we found out that Min is doing well.  She has not been sick at all this winter...which is GREAT news.  When she gets sick it is hard on her heart so we are thrilled that she has been healthy...must be all the prayers...and we are very grateful.  So I need some suggestions on cute dolls with hair.  In the video we have of Min she was really intriqued with playing with a dolls hair. She even got out a rubber if anyone knows where to find a cute doll...preferably Asian...let me know:)

I'll keep you posted on the progress.  My third son has started to add to his prayer "Please bless that Min will get here soon so that we can be a family forever".  Amen to that.

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