Thursday, March 24, 2011


We are leaving for fingerprinting today so I am expecting things to go quickly next week and for us to hopefully be DTC(dossier to China) in two weeks.  All of our other paperwork is with couriers at respective embassies and should all come together simultaneously in two weeks.

So...yesterday was a bit of a scramble because the dog boarding place was full and the pound boards, but it was full so there was no place for our lab...friends are out of town for spring break and I was scrambling to find someone to take care of our dog.  Our babysitter said she would feed our dog and a friend from theatre offered to walk and hang out with our dog at our house so I was so grateful.  Then a good friend who is married to a coworker of my husband found out and offered to take our dog to her house for the whole time.  WOW!  It is so fabulous to have great friends who will help you when you need it...and I have fantastic friends.  My boys are so excited to play with great friends and get to sleep over that they woke up early like it was Christmas, and here I am feeling sad about leaving:)

Then last night my husband was going over what our next steps with the adoption are after the fingerprinting and what the fees are...and I was a little concerned because our tax refund is slated to pay for it and it was being held up for 'processing delays' and not available until the end of April.  I really didn't want to have to wait on this money.  So last night I was just letting it go and praying that everything would work out.  Then I checked the website this morning....IT IS BEING DEPOSITED TOMORROW!!!!!!!  So the next round of fees are completely taken care of:)  WOW!!!

Have a great weekend...and thank you for your prayers and support to keep this adoption on an expedited mode.  We feel and appreciate your prayers!

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