Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Ok..that title was a tad overzealous...but we are leaving on a jet plane for something adoption related...we are getting fingerprinted early...YAY!  We have to fly to the place in our state where fingerprints are done by the Immigrations way to get around it, believe me I have asked:)  So we got the last two tickets on a flight next week to be fingerprinted and the office is being really great and allowing us to walk in since the possibility of delayed flights is a reality of Alaska travel.  So we are super excited to be able to get that done...everything else is off for authentication so that is the final step before all of our documents go to China!  We could/should be documents to China by the beginning of April which will be great!

We are so excited to be closer to meeting our little girl! 

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  1. Good Luck with fingerprinting. We are going to have ours done in Georgia on Monday! I have an idea for dolls...I bought a 18" doll (asian) at Wal-mart the other day. It is Friends Boutique by Madame Alexander. They even had salon chairs that you could buy to go with it. They don't have them online, and I couldn't find one on ebay either. Let me know, and I'll look and see if they still have them here.