Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Snowing in Alaska!

Is it summer yet:)?  Apparently not...it is still snowing.  I don't know how many times I have been asked if it's almost Christmas.  They are all old enough to understand calendars and that March is not close to December but there is still that hope!

So, one of our state certifications got messed up and the wrong certificate was attached.  I was a little less than thrilled that the next week and a half would be spent sending it back and then waiting to receive this one form again....but the kind supervisor is taking care of the whole thing for me and it will be sent to me today.  Woo Hoo!  I always love it when mistakes can be fixed quickly.

We are trying to figure out where we will be going for our fingerprinting.  I'll keep you posted.

There is a very nice woman named Anne who offered to do a fundraiser to help bring Min home.  I am so excited...it is so very nice of her.  What it is is an online Thirty-One party.  If you aren't familiar with Thirty-one, they have fabulous bags and really cute organizers and accessories.  There is a link on the side of the blog.  When you click to purchase...or shop you will be led to the event page and there is our link:)  The fun thing is that for every $31 in purchases you get a half price purse!  If anyone is interested in doing their own catalog party or gathering orders, you would receive the hostess gifts and credit (which is fabulous!) and it will still count for the fundraiser.  Anne is donating ALL of her commissions to Min's adoption.  So if you are looking for some fun spring accessories or great easter gifts...check out Thirty-One.  You can contact me, or Anne with any questions:)


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