Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day.  It is a really big weekend for us this year because my husband and my anniversary was yesterday and Min's birthday is tomorrow, so our family has three fantastic things to celebrate in a row.

I am very blessed to be married to a man that I absolutely love.  He is fun and kind.  He is funny and a great listener.  He is a wonderful partner and I am grateful to be sharing my life with him. He is also a father who loves his children and wants the best for them.  He cares about their well being.  He takes the time to do things with them that they enjoy.  Lately that has been fires.  My boys all have fire strikers and steel so they love to light fires(it's what comes from scouting and camping!)  and are always wanting to do that.  They spend time whittling shavings off sticks to use for their tinder and kindling and it is amazing to me how much time can be spent shaving pieces off of sticks.  I love watching my husband teach our sons and show them how to be a good dad.  I hope my children realize how blessed they are to have one.

Of course, we are super excited that Min is going to have a dad.  This will be her last Father's Day not knowing about what a Father is.  My husband is thrilled to be having  a daughter and she is going to love him.

I am grateful to have a Father in Heaven.  I love in the Bible where the Savior cries out ' Abba'  which is closer to 'Dad' in translation than 'Father'.  I feel so strongly that I have a Father in Heaven who loves, knows and cares for me as His child, not just as a member of a mass of humanity.  I feel His influence and direction and blessings in my life so often and am so grateful for Him in my life and all of the ways He lets me know that He loves me.  I am thrilled to be reminded on this day how lucky and blessed I am to have a perfect Father and love Him very much.

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