Friday, June 17, 2011


We have been cabled and got our NVC letter emailed to us.  Basically this means that all of our(and mostly Min's) information and Immigration approval has been forwarded to China's US embassy for them to issue her travel visa.  She will travel home on a Chinese passport with a US Visa.  There are several steps to clear to make sure that everything is in order for her to become a US Citizen upon entry into the United States and then also to give her a US Visa to travel out of China.  Our application for Min's Visa will be dropped off on Tuesday, since Monday is not a drop off day and it is already late Friday night in China. 

It is a standard 2 week wait for this Visa process(known as Article 5).  We are hoping it will be expedited for Min's health but don't know what that will look like until it happens.  As it is, from LOA  to NVC letter being cabled to China the average wait is about one month, ours was two weeks, so we are getting there.

After this Article 5 approval, we get to wait for China to invite us to travel!!  We are almost there:)!!!!

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