Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a Day!

What a day:)!  Yesterday had so many things happen that were answers to prayers that I was grinning ear to ear all evening!

First off, we got our I800 approval.  I tracked it and it has arrived at the NVC so now we wait for it to get logged in and cabled to China.  We got a call in to the doctor to schedule Min's appointments with a pediatric cardiologist.  We got the tracking number for the I800 and it was scheduled to be delivered this morning by 10:30 EST.

Then to top it off, last night I checked my email before we went to bed and....updates!!!!  With pictures:)  So I HIGHLY recommend using Ann with Red Thread to send a care package.  She calls the orphanage and checks on your child before sending the package.  We are sending a photo book, and it was actually the same or less money than we would have spent mailing it ourselves, plus it is translated into Chinese.

She is growing up...we need to have her home!  I wonder if she knows that she has a family and if these pictures were taken with her knowing that they were coming to us??!!  Oh my goodness, I can't wait to have her with us.  She looks so great and I love the artwork on the walls.  

Here is the picture book with Chinese captions and a translated letter that is being sent to Min this week:

What a great day!


  1. Oh, look how beautiful she is! I love her hair! And all those smiles! You must be thrilled to be getting so close to your daughter.

  2. Bridget-

    She looks good! I am so happy you got these when you did! The Lord just knows when you need a "pick me up". I am praying all over that I800 so TA comes quickly. Keep smiling, she will be home soon!

    Prayers & Hugs,
    Jo Gooden

  3. Yeah!! What a cutie pie!!!