Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thanks Anne!!

We finished up our 31 fundraiser last month and the items arrived yesterday.  A big Thank You to everyone who ordered cute bags:)

Anne is an adoptive mom who wanted to do something to help others when she got home from China.  Someone held a successful 31  party/fundraiser for her when she was adopting and she decided that was what she wanted to do, so she does these great fundraisers, donates the hostess credit back to the adopter, or whoever is holding the party, and donates all of her commission to the adoption fund of the person.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!

So here are the pictures of the cute bags that I got(for FREE)

This is Min's backpack for China...yes that is going to be her new name...Emery Min.  Both names will be her first name and if she doesn't like Emery we will call her Min since that is what we call her now:)  It was a fun thrill to be able to fill out paperwork for her Immigration with her new American name on in and our last name...and I love that this bag makes her seem a little bit closer to being with us!

Here are the links to Anne's blog and facebook site if anyone is looking for a fun and easy way to earn some money to help with your adoption costs

Thanks a bunch Anne!

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