Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little About Min

So, the information we have about Min is spotty and piecemeal and we pour over every little smidgen of information about her personality and try to imagine what she is like. She is 4 1/2 and her birthday is in June, right around our wedding anniversary:) She likes to do bead work and play games. It will be so interesting to have 'girly' crafts in our house since we have four sons. they are all so excited to get a little sister. Our youngest son, D, is 9 months older than Min and he says he is excited to not be the baby anymore and that now I can baby Min:) Haha...as if I would EVER baby my children;) They just grow up too fast and luckily a few of them will still hold my hand in public without telling me that they are too old and it's embarrassing!

Min has lived in an orphanage in the SiChuan province since she was two months old. Her orphanage is older and poor. The reviews I have heard say that the nannies love the children there, and that while they do not have very much in the way of resources, they do give the children attention, which is great for attachment and mental growth! Min is currently in Beijing, she moved there this year for medical reasons, but they were unable to do the complex surgery she needs there.

The mom who was advocating for Min told me that when she adopted her daughter from the same orphanage, Min told her that she really wanted a mommy! Well, she is getting that and more:) A mommy, a daddy and four awesome big brothers who already pray for her every day and offer to give up treats or Mcdonald's so the money can go to the adoption!

Even though she is older and we have missed many of her 'firsts', we are excited to experience 'firsts' with her. The first time she rides on a plane, the first time she goes fishing, the first camping trip, the first time she eats ice cream, her first tooth fairy visit, her first Christmas, her first celebrated birthday, her first day with a family.

A huge THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has donated to her adoption fund and who is spreading the word and asking others for donations...I can't truly express the depth of our gratitude. I am in awe of the way that our friends, family and even strangers have embraced this little girl and are helping an orphan across the world. We really are going to save her life, medically. As much as an adoption changes the life of the one being adopted I can say that I am the one who is being changed. My heart is the one being touched and enlarged. Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.

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