Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Week

Today is the start of a new week.  Which is always fun!  It is a time to start fresh and have a new list of things to accomplish...some that are carried over from last week.  This week I hope that our home study visits are scheduled.  Over the weekend I met with our Senator and talked to her about the current wait to process immigrations forms for is 8-9 weeks to get approval to adopt an orphan.  I said that I would need her help to expedite the process.  She asked me a little bit about Min, then gave me the name of the woman in her office that will be able to help us expedited and said that she would help me with whatever we need!!! 

That is all the update I have for today...but at church children were all sitting quietly and nicely and it was really nice to be able to sit and listen and contemplate, then I thought we will be adding a little one who has probably never gone to church and I will get to spend time out in the hall and teaching how we behave in church and instead of dreading the days that I spent taking crying children to the mother's lounge or spending a large portion of the meetings in the hallway so that everyone else who attended could hear and not be disrupted, I was kind of excited.  Hopefully it will be late spring early summer when we get to go get Min.  And then she will hopefully have her surgery and have to stay away from crowds for a little bit as she recovers...of course people are welcome to call and drop by:)  But then if it is summer or nicer weather we could walk around the church grounds, there is grass.  She has probably never seen or felt grass before.  Won't that be fun?  And we can go the the beach, another probable first for Min. 

My husband and I were looking back through pictures from the past year and how much our sons have grown and changed since last year, and I thought Min must look different.  They grow so much at that age and the pictures I have of her are from last March and July.  But next year we will have our own pictures to document her growth and the experiences she has.  Next year she will have pictures of herself with her family.  It's going to be a great year!

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