Saturday, July 30, 2011


Catching up here in Guangzhou. we have WIFI so I'll be able to blog a bit more regularly. min is doing great. she was so excited to go on an airplane. we were at the airport for five hours before boarding and then sat on the Tarmac for another two hours before take off and she was a champ. she is such a brave little girl. when she is being good she is the smartest cutesy most adorable little girl, and when she is being naughty, she does that well too:)

It is nice that she is moving through some of these phases so quickly. it is nice that she trusts us enough to test and get mad. she is really disappointed to be in Guangzhou because apparently she thought she was flying to see her brothers and was telling people on the plane that she w going to see her four brothers. t was a bit sad for her to realize that they aren't here.

we had a really long day yesterday and got to our hotel, the HolidayInn shifu is awesome!, around one am. we had a medical appointment this morning. it is so nice to speak English answer other Americans. It is really fantastic and warm and blue skies and Min is taking her first nap so she will be happy. I am so excited to hear her trying out new words. the best is Shui Jiao(not spelled right I am sure) Go to swee( sleep) It is so cute. she is so smart and loves to have her hair done every morning at least once. she got to play with a little boy in our hotel today and it was great for her to play with a kid, I think she is getting bored with the two grown ups and was happy to see and get to play with another person her size.

thank you for all of your prayers, we have been healthy and are having a good time getting to know our daughter. she is Having moments each day where I think she is uncertain of her situation but they only last an hour or so and then we can get a smile again.

thanks again to Kick, It is nice to know my sons are safe and having fun. I miss my boys more than I can truly express, it is hard being halfway around the world from some of my favorite people in the world but it is nice to talk to them on the phone

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  1. Praying for all of you and I am happy the adjustment is going well :)

    By the way, you spelled it perfectly. It is shuijiao. I see you have studied your pinyin :)

    God Bless you all,