Saturday, July 30, 2011

Having Fun

We went to a beautiful park this morning with our FABULOUS guide, Aron. She is so kind and helpful and great with translating and I cannot say enough good things about her. our two other families are wonderful. emery is having a lot of fun being with other kids and getting to play with someone other than boring mom and dad. we averted a couple of melt downs yesterday, she learned if she says please baba at the store it works miracles, and we had fun watching the street life from our room windows. we all slept in until 7:45 this morning, it was amazing!

The breakfast buffet is wonderful, Emery loves eggs. she also really loves her saws. We got her an American girl knock off at Walmart, it is Asian. She absolutely loves it, sleeps with it, does her hair, talks to it. emery was in a half the sky sponsored orphanage and they had time with dolls so it has been gear for her also the picture dictionary with a Manley app has been really great. emery loves the water. LOVES the water. It is so fun to hear her gut laugh when she is swimming or playing in the water fountains at the park today. there is a cement section that shoots out fountains in random patterns and she absolutely loved it, I think it cooled her off, she told Aron she felt good after she was soaking wet, she would stand so the water could get her soaked. It was so fun to watch her. We asked her if she Wants to go swimming now, you can say any word in chinese and add a ma to the end and it is a question. She smiled and nodded, so we are off to the rooftop pool!

As long as we are in our room together she loves us and is such fun, she is an independent girl who loves life and adventures. it is fun to see her new things.
Hi boys, I love you sooooooo much! Less than a week!

as always thank you so much for your prayers. We are healthy and happy and doing well! and have tons of pictures to upload when we can.

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