Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Are Off

We are off!  We have a nice long layover before boarding our nonstop to Beijing tonight:)
I am running on excitement and fumes at this point.  I can't believe we are at this point.  It seems a bit surreal.

If you wouldn't mind keeping us in your prayers for the next two weeks.  It would be so appreciated. Please pray for our safe travels and health and for Min to have comfort and strength, this could be a really rough time for her to leave all that she knows to go with a pair of strangers so your prayers for her health and comfort are so very appreciated.  I can't view my blog in china, so forgive any typos.

Thank you to great friends and sisters and niece who will take great care of my sons.  I am so grateful to know they are in good hands. 

We had another minimiracle yesterday.  The miracle of the fantastic Fedex woman who was going to drive an important piece of paper out to the airport for us to have and make a later flight today.  But for some reason(unbeknownst to the Fedex tracking system) the paperwork got on a day earlier flight than scheduled and the same nice woman was sorting the new freight, saw our package, called me and held the warehouse open for me to pick it up so that we would make our flight today.  Our whole adoption has been like that.  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf, they are so definitely answered!

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  1. Hi Bridget ~ I will be praying for a safe journey and that your Precious Girl will just fall in love with her new mama and Baba! I would love to be able to be there for that first meeting. Praying especially for Min's Heart, both physically and emotionally. Have a wonderful time in China. Looking forward to photos and updates. With love ~ Jo